Lanark Weather Forecast

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    Light rain shower

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    Light rain

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    Heavy rain

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Today 1 Dec Strathclyde

Glasgow area and Lanarkshire will be mainly dry and bright though clouding over later. Argyll and the west coast cloudier with some light rain or drizzle developing, along with hill fog. Freshening southwesterly breeze. Maximum Temperature 10C.

Tonight 1 Dec Strathclyde

Cloudy with some patchy light rain or drizzle, with a few heavier bursts possible in the early hours. Argyll turning clearer with a few showers late in night. Minimum Temperature 6C.

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Lanark Temperature Statistics

December Temperature

Drumalbin (3.7 miles)

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  • Average December

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Climate (2011–Present)

Drumalbin (3.7 miles)

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  • Average Low 2011–Present

    5.3 °C
  • Average 2011–Present

    8.3 °C
  • Average High 2011–Present

    11.4 °C
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