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Today 20 Aug South West Scotland and Lothian Borders

Heavy persistent rain and strong winds are likely at times on Sunday in northern, central and western areas, with the southeast probably staying dry. Next week will tend to stay windy in the north and west with a fair amount of rain here but also a few brighter and drier interludes. There will probably be a good deal of dry and bright weather in the south and east, with only brief interludes of thicker cloud and rain. As a result, this part of the country may well become very warm and humid again. This pattern is quite likely to continue into the following week, with warm dry weather predominating, especially in the south, and longer spells of rain and wind more likely in the north.

Tonight 20 Aug South West Scotland and Lothian Borders

Some limited late sunshine, then higher cloud thickening gradually from west overnight, bringing some patchy light rain to the hills and west coast by dawn, as winds turn southerly. Minimum Temperature 9C.

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Rockcliffe Temperature Statistics

August Temperature

Dundrennan (9.3 miles)

  • Lowest 11 August, 2018

    9 °C
  • Average August

    14.9 °C
  • Highest 13 August, 2018

    20.3 °C

Climate (2011–Present)

Dundrennan (9.3 miles)

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  • Average Low 2011–Present

    6.8 °C
  • Average 2011–Present

    8.9 °C
  • Average High 2011–Present

    11 °C
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